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5 Questions

Brandon Stilson
Software Developer / Meme Philosopher

How did you get into developing?

A bit by accident! Believe it or not, I actually have a degree in philosophy and after graduation, I did a variety of things. Most of which I didn’t enjoy or was very good at. One day, a friend of mine showed me some JAVA script stuff he was working on and it seemed interesting so I started studying it in my spare time and eventually, I was blessed to make it my full time.

When did you join Ozette?

I came to the company in August of 2021, so I’m still pretty new.

What prompted you to come to Ozette?

My job varies a lot and the kind of problems we’re solving have never been done before, so we wear a lot of hats. Today, I’m working on a lot of SRE stuff that will have scalability, ease of use, and reproducibility for the outside parties who utilize our platform. As a team, we work very collaboratively. Even though we’re all remote, it feels like we’re in the same room which I guess speaks a bit to how close we’ve all become.

What does the future look like at Ozette to you?

I would say pretty bright. When you have smart people who can work well together solving interesting problems, the future has endless possibility. I think in the not-too-distant future, our company will be not just a leader in our space, but a well-known global brand.

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